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  September 14, 2015
Condolences to Dr. Fatemeh Sadat Torknik

Condolences to Dr. Fatemeh Sadat Torknik

Dear scientists, colleagues and respectful researchers,

Hereby it is being noticed that our valuable and respected colleague and friend Dr. Torknik\'s father has regretfully passed away and left her in sorrow. Hereunto, we, as the members of Advanced Ceramics Progress express our condolences to Dr. Torknik and wish her father\'s soul may rest in peace in eternity.

اندیشمندان، فرهیختگان و دانش پژوهان عزیز؛

بدین وسیله به آگاهی می رساند که دوست و همکار ارزشمندمان سرکار خانم دکتر فاطمه سادات ترک نیک (عضو مشاور هیئت تحریریه) در غم از دست دادن پدر خود به سوگ نشسته است. ضمن عرض تسلیت و ابراز همدردی با ایشان، برای آن مرحوم طلب آمرزش داریم. روحشان شاد و یادشان گرامی باد.

سردبیر و اعضاء هئیت تحریریه مجله ACERP


  March 17, 2015
Happy New Year and Norooz 1394


Happy New Year and Norooz 1394

A new year begins with it, fresh wishes and new aspirations, germinating in every spirit and body to express of gladness, success and fraternity. The excitement of Norooz as a unique moment originates from pure Iranian traditions, which involves not only hope, but a reason to smile and enjoy life fully as one should do.

ACERP office