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Vol. 1, No. 2 (Summer 2015) 1-5   

Link: http://www.acerp.ir/Vol1/No2/1.pdf
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  Luminescence Properties of TeO2-LiF-Gd2O3 Glasses
A. Faeghinia
( Received: December 22, 2014 – Accepted: November 01, 2015 )

Abstract    In this work, the structural properties and spectroscopic behavior 80 mol.%TeO2-20mol.%LiF glasses which were doped with 0. 05, 0. 2 mole% Gd2O3 have been studied. It was shown that,  by increasing the amount of Gd2O3 the glass stability was decreased. The PL emissions at 431nm and 627nm wavelengths were distinguished by 320nm excitation. The FT-IR analysis showed deformed TeO4 groups in these glasses.


Keywords    Tellurite glass, FT-IR, UV visible, Luminescence


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